Brain Exam – Neurofeedback

What is a Brain Exam?
We use EEG (electroencephalography) technology to directly determine how your brain is functioning. This 20-minute exam with a 30-minute consultation will produce a report that can correlate your symptoms, as well as behavioral predispositions, to your brain’s electrical activity.

What is Neurofeedback?
Neurofeedback is biofeedback for the brain. The exam is conducted by placing electrodes on your scalp that record your individual brain frequencies over 5 areas of your brain. The consultation is a key part of this exam – your Doctor will take the time to determine your concerns and assess any other lifestyle factors that may be impacting your ability to function at your best.

Once the assessment is complete, your Doctor will review the findings and present you with the results. If appropriate, we may recommend to proceed with Neurofeedback training.

Who is this exam for?
Everyone. Getting a baseline at any time is beneficial. The exam is non-invasive – even if you don’t have symptoms, having a regular exam can monitor changes from year to year.

How do I book?
Call 416-962-2000 and have your calendar ready to book 2-3 appointments, for 30 minutes each. This is your Neurofeedback exam, consultation, and program discovery (results). We will do our very best to schedule your consultation and exam on the same visit.

What is my investment?
$180 to get you started with the Neurofeedback consultation, exam and program discovery (results). If you have already had our Communication Exam, the cost is $80.