Communication Exam – Brain+Body

What is a Communication Exam?
We use 5 diagnostic technologies, as well as a thorough physical exam, to determine how your brain and body are talking to each other. Your 60-minute exam includes a 30-minute consultation to help your doctor determine how well your body is operating and what your goals are. Your report will have easy to understand explanations of the tests performed, as well as the doctors recommended plans to give you choices in how you heal.

What are the technologies?
1. Electromyography (EMG) to measure muscle tension and spinal stress. This tests shows us how well you are able to hold your spine up against gravity and the amount of energy needed to do this simple task.
2. Thermal Scans to measure blood flow at your spine. The nerves that control this blood flow also signal to specific certain organs and glands. This test will give us a road map as to how well your nervous system is communicating with these deeper areas of your body.
3. Heart Rate Variability to measure your ability to respond to stress and your capability to balance between your fight-flight response and your rest-relax response. This test tells us how adaptable you are to changes in your environment.
4. Force Plate Balance Testing to see if you meet your age-matched standards for stability. This test uses thousands of sensors and tells us about your vestibular and proprioceptive function.
5. Cryovizion Imaging gives us information about your posture based on how well your feet support you. Images will be filtered to show muscular symmetry and we will look at how you hold your body when in a standing position. Posture is a neurological program, and this is our best non-invasive window to determine your postural asymmetries and track how they change over time.

What does the consultation determine?
Using biomechanics, applied kinesiology, neural testing, specific orthopedic tests, intuition, and years of practice, our Doctors will work to determine your physical, chemical, and emotional stressors. Your Brain and Body exam determines the impact of these stressors on your nervous system and the effect they are having on your body.

How do I book?
Call 416-962-2000 (insert phone link) and have your calendar ready to book 2 appointments – your first visit is the initial assessment and will be 90 minutes long, while the second visit, 30 minutes in length, will be your program discovery. Both visits are one-on-one with your Doctor.

What is the cost?
$135 to get you started.