Energy Exam – BioWell

What is an Energy Exam?
We use the BioWell instrument to measure your bio-photons. Your health information is not only in your genes, but it also resides in the luminous energy field that envelops and organizes your physical body, in the same way that a magnet will organize iron filings on a piece of paper. This short exam measures the unseen light that is produced from your skin and records it. The software then creates a lengthy report that will look at your energy and how it relates to your organs, chakras, energy reserve and overall balance.

What is the BioWell instrument?
Based on Kirlian photography, Dr. Korotkov created software that relates your personal biophoton image to your health, or future health.

How does measuring energy determine your health?
All energy precedes matter. Health is higher in energy then dis-ease, and even lower is disease. By measuring your energy and then tracking it over time, you can learn about energetic changes that may occur before they are felt. Taking a picture in time of your energy signature can help us determine your program and track your success.

What are some treatments that can change my energy?
There are many ways to help change your energy. You could eat better, do yoga, start a brain-focused health program, or use one of our light and sound therapies. The best modality or modalities for you will be determined in your consultation.

How do I book?
Call 416-962-2000 (insert phone link) and have your calendar ready to book 2 appointments. The first visit is your 10-minute test and the second is a 20-minute consultation and review of the results, which includes suggestions on tools that you can use to meet your goals. The exam cost includes 1 BioCore session (see below for more information).

What is a BioCore session?
Your BioCore session a 10-minute journey utilizing music, created from 9 Tibetan Bowls, that is customized to your results and acts to help balance your energy field. This session is included with your Exam, however it may be booked separately at a different time.

What is the cost?
$90 for an initial examination which includes your 20-page report, one Biocore treatment, and a follow up exam (to be done at a later date).