Bio-Well and the Bio-Core Technology

Bio-Well is a medical technology from Russia that measures your biophotons and reveals your health from an energetic perspective. We all emit light, or biophotons. When we measure yours, our Bio-Well software will produce a 20-page report that looks at organ energy, energy centers (chakras), energetic reserve and overall energetic balance utilizing Chinese meridians.

Bio-Well produces customized music that is created from 9 Tibetan bowls based on your individual energetic profile. When you have a Bio-Well treatment in our sound therapy room, you listen to the signature music created especially for you. In addition, we place a high efficiency frequency emitter on your forehead and under a glass of water. This carries the frequency (energy) of your signature music and alters the energy of your water which you drink after your 10 minute treatment. You will leave your session with a deep level of relaxation and, over time, will experience a more balanced and grounded state of being.

Energy Services