Healing with Energy

All healing is a result of these three coming together. Chiropractic’s very foundation is that the adjustment targets subluxation. And it is subluxations that are the root cause of most dis-ease. Sub – means less, Lux – means Light, Subluxation means less-light. The adjustment restores the energy and normalizes nerve and joint function, leaving you with the light on.

Acupuncture restores and balances your chi, and in doing so helps the body heal. In other words all healing begins with a change in energy as all energy proceeds matter. In the clinic we change your state towards more coherence. Loss of coherence creates a loss of health, dis-ease is lowered energy in the body, disease is even lower energy and death is no energy. At Vita Brain and Body we understand the best way to shift your body towards healing. Our modalities focus on this. You will feel the energy of the clinic the moment you come in. Our music, smells, colors, and multiple crystals create a healing environment created for you.

We are also fortunate to have an advanced energy healer, Sonia, who is also a registered massage therapist and will focus on restoring your energy.

Energy Services