Infant Care (Ages 0-1)

Difficult Birth or Birth with Intervention
The birth process is a beautiful and miraculous event. It is also the most difficult journey we take in our lifetime. Careful examination of the spine following even the most natural and easy of births is an essential way to ensure that your new baby starts out on the right foot. Stress and force on a newborn’s spine increases with interventions such as extended and intense labor, pitocin induction, forceps and vacuum extractions. Life for the newborn relies on an optimally working nervous system. Our Pediatric Chiropractors will assess your newborn to determine if there are interruptions or miscommunications within their nervous system that may prevent them from growing and developing the way they should. Our gentle, non-invasive techniques help relieve the stress on their spine and nervous system following the momentous journey of birth. For more information or to make an appointment, please click below.

Ear Infections
There are two main factors that lead to chronic ear infections: poor drainage of the ears and weakened communication between the nervous system and the immune system. The top two spinal bones share a lot of nerve supply, muscles and structures with the inner ear and sinuses. When these bones are not moving effectively, we start to see a clogging  up of the physical space in the ears, sinuses and lymphatics. In this case, we also have less movement. It is the movement of the bones and muscles that help drain the fluid from these areas. Wet environments are a breeding ground for infection and the longer that fluid remains in these areas, the better chance there is for viruses and bacteria to grow and invade. On top of that, this region of the upper spine houses the brainstem and spinal cord and protects a very important hard drive and operating system for our immune system. Our nervous system controls and drives our immune system, so when the nerves are not working well, we can’t fight off infections very well either and our immune system will be compromised. Our Pediatric Chiropractors will assess your child for movement of this sensitive area and use non-invasive, specialized technologies to determine the efficiency of their nervous system. Our gentle techniques help encourage movement, drainage and improved immune system function to keep your kids feeling well and full of energy. For more information, or to book an appointment, please click below.

Meeting Milestones
Compared to most other species, human babies come into this world rather under-developed and have to learn basic survival skills one step at a time. Just like there are guidelines for a normal pregnancy (about 9 months and split into 3 trimesters), there are also guidelines for your baby’s developmental milestones. Please remember that all children are unique and will develop and reach milestones on different time schedules! As a new parent, it is important to know that the outward representations of these milestones (ie. baby lifting his head, grasping your finger, taking his first step) are each just the small tip of the iceberg; underneath the surface, your baby’s neurology is rapidly changing and learning new patterns. When the display of primitive reflexes are not properly integrated neurologically, or when a child is “pushed” to reach a milestone sooner than his or her body is ready for, the brain and the central nervous system suffer, which can lead to developmental and behavioral issues later on. Our Pediatric Chiropractors will assess your child’s neuro-motor development, including all reflexes, to determine if their nervous system is developing in a healthy manner. Our gentle and non-invasive techniques can help your child’s nervous system to function more effectively and encourage healthy infant and child development. For more information, or to book an appointment, please click below.

Reflux and Colic
Your baby is crying – a lot – and you believe or have been told that your child has colic or reflux. This has to be one of the most difficult situations a new parent can find themselves in. There is no known reason for this excessive crying in infants, and most parents are told to wait it out and it will go away on its own eventually. No parent wants to see their child in distress, and persistent crying can be uncomfortable for babies, stressful for parents, and has been linked to post-partum depression. Colic and reflux are most often associated with difficult births or births with intervention and symptoms can begin shortly after birth. Chiropractic care has been shown to be safe, gentle and very effective in helping to resolve infantile colic and concerns with reflux quickly. Our pediatric chiropractors are here to help. For more information, or to book an appointment, please click below.

Failure to Thrive
For a new baby, the most essential component to life is an optimally working nervous system. When a child’s nervous system can’t keep up with expected development, some kids don’t meet the normal standards of growth and your child may be diagnosed with “failure to thrive.” This diagnosis can be frustrating for many parents since, in 80% of cases, there is no known medical cause. A thorough examination by one of our Pediatric Chiropractors may reveal underlying neurological causes for this delay in growth. Our treatments are safe, gentle and effective. For more information, or to book an appointment, please click below.

Breastfeeding, Bottle-Feeding and Latching Difficulties
One of the main “jobs” for the newborn is to feed often and effectively. Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed, your baby requires proper sucking habits to do this well. Although we often assume that this should come naturally to infants and mothers, a difficult pregnancy, the birth process, interventions, birth trauma and early handling of the newborn may all contribute to changes in structures that affect this normal and essential function. Any alterations in spinal, cranial bone or jaw alignment and/or their movement patterns can impact a baby’s ability to feed well. These physical changes can lead to inflammation, increased arousal due to sensitivity and pain, muscle spasm or spinal subluxation, which can all result in a fussy, crying baby. Our Pediatric Chiropractors will assess these sensitive areas to determine if there are underlying reasons for your baby’s feeding challenges. We are proud to work with Certified Lactation Consultants and clinics to provide both mom and baby with an enhanced nursing, pumping  and/or feeding experience. For more information, or to book an appointment, please click below.

Minor Spinal Traumas/Bumps and Falls
Minor spinal traumas can have major effects on the health and development of our children. Seemingly small concerns, such as a fender bender, rushed diaper changes, a small fall from the sofa or bed, the excessive use of jumper toys and/or improper lifting and carrying of your baby can affect your child’s spine and nervous system and lead to a number of health complaints, such as colic, poor appetite, unexplained crying, reflux and digestive issues, etc. Regular well-baby Chiropractic checkups through our Ages and Stagez program are designed to prevent any lasting effect that these incidents may have on our children’s health and normal development. For more information, or to book an appointment, please click below.