Prenatal/Fertility Care

Fertility Support

In many cases, fertility issues may be associated with improper nervous system function, poor nutrition, high stress and poor lifestyle habits. Chiropractors are nervous system specialists and reducing interference in the nervous system is our primary goal. At some level, conceiving a baby is considered a stress on your body. If conception occurs, your body knows it’s going to have to grow a fetus for the next nine months. If your nervous system sees this is a threat, or if there is not enough energy to support a baby’s growth, you may be unable to conceive. Think about it in terms of your fight/flight mechanism: Your body is really smart – in a time of stress (let’s think historically, like a drought, per se), growing a baby is not optimal. Just because our modern times have pretty much eliminated most of our ancestral threats doesn’t mean that stress isn’t more prevalent than ever before. We all know a couple that successfully conceived after they put forth adoption papers, or were told that they couldn’t have children. When the pressure is off, and stress levels subside, that’s when the magic happens. Our Prenatal Chiropractors works with couples or individuals looking to conceive, or considering the option of starting a family in the future. We work alongside fertility professionals helping to decrease the stress of patients before and after transfers to increase the success of these procedures. For more information, or to book an appointment, please click below.