No matter how stable ones life appears to be, if you experience anxiety, then it feels unsafe. At Vita Brain+Body, we assess anxiety from the knowledge that a system that is anxious is one that is stuck in survival mode. The body becomes triggered to easily feel anxious, even at the smallest things, and your brain is wired to quickly react to any stress. The science of neuroplasticity allows us to change the brain and how the body responds. Your assessment will uncover present and past stressors, which is the jumping-off-point to what will best neutralize their effect on you and your body. By utilizing different strategies and disciplines, we are able to take your brain from survival to calm, giving you the ability to increase your threshold and rewire your brain. The goal is to allow your body to enjoy a state of balance, react efficiently to stress when necessary and then quickly rebound back to the balanced state as it is meant to do.

Mental Health Services