There are many causes of depression and no individual’s experience will be like any others. We look at all the systems that contribute to you and your experience.  At Vita Brain+Body, we offer a number of assessments to help you understand why you may be depressed and/or the effects of your depressed state on your system.  An EEG exam and Neurofeedback may uncover brainwave frequencies that are out synch and the regions of the brain that requires healing and reconnection. Our brain-body communication assessment focuses on the spine and nervous system, hormones, digestion and sleep as contributing causes and effects.

Our programs for depression are customized according to your individual exam results. The first areas we like to tackle are sleep and digestive concerns if they are a problem. Once sleep becomes restorative and the brain-gut connection is more optimal, we look at ways of optimizing your brain, which may utilize our various sound and light therapies. You are not alone. We are committed to helping you reveal your future potential.

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