Brain Based Chiropractic

Traditionally chiropractic has been focused on reducing pain by restoring motion to the spine, and this is a very effective way for the body to heal. The latest research shows the spine is one of the greatest inputs to the brain. Dr. Roger Sperry nobel prize for brain research, states that “90% of the stimulation to the brain comes from the movement of the spine” Thus it has become our focus to study how we can utilize the spine to balance the brain.
Utilizing the principles of applied kinesiology, the science of chiropractic, with the skill sets of many masters, and the intention to heal the brain, we have achieved incredible results balancing brain and nervous system function.

Our chiropractors utilize applied kinesiology as an assessment measure to help determine your program and where care should be directed.

The latest science in chiropractic has been focused on understanding how the adjustment optimizes the brain and nervous system. At its roots, Chiropractic as a profession started with treating the brain and mental health. We are now beginning to understand the science behind our incredible natural healing profession and the thousands of successes we witness in our practice members every day.

Learning from the masters is a mandate to being a part of our team. All our doctors continue to take courses, receive certifications, read books, share stories, and collaborate with each other so that we are always at the top of our game. It is who we are and it allows us to help you better.

It is our intention that is ultimately why we help so many. We approach every situation from the same understanding – due to stress, the brain has gone out of balance, and the body naturally follows. The good news is, using the principles of neuroplasticity, we can interrupt these learned patterns and begin to teach the body a new, more efficient and comfortable one. Our chiropractic adjustments specifically work to shift the brain from surviving to thriving. Our technologies, thorough history and physical examination will reveal your current and past stressors, and how your body is expressing and managing this stress. We then determine how to effectively neutralize or minimize your stress, bring the brain and body back into balance, improve your symptoms and enhance your potential. From our state-of-the-art exam to our multi-sensory, multidisciplinary approach to care, our team’s intention is to restore your body to harmony through better brain function. Just get checked and see for yourself.