Dynamic Orthotics

The majority of orthotic inserts are static – but your foot is dynamic! In terms of expecting improvement, this does not make good sense. At Vita, we use Cryos Orthotics – which are one of the few dynamic foot supports available on the market today. Almost as impressive as the unique insert created is how we evaluate your feet. Because your feet are your base of support, they play a large part in whole-body movement patterns. This is where our unique Cryovision evaluation technology comes into play. (Learn more at www.cryos.com). We have been using this evaluation system and the orthotic inserts it helps produce since 2002 and have countless satisfied individuals. There is minimal to no discomfort when you get your first pair (unlike most orthotic inserts which offer a period of discomfort until your body “gets used to them”), you only need one pair for all your needs, and they will fit in all of your shoes (yes, heels too!). There is nothing out there like them, and all our doctors wear them, so just ask us!