A neurofeedback assessment, or EEG, looks at 5 areas of your brain and how these areas are functioning according to their numerous frequency outputs. Each frequency and brain region should be in balance with one another for optimal function. Our software will measure your brain patterns and produce a report that can uncover deep-rooted causes to your symptoms, as well as determine predispositions to certain behaviors. These can be related to mental health, such as anxiety or depression, focus and concentration, ADHD, memory, sleep dysfunction and overall brain efficiency. After your assessment, if indicated, Neurofeedback treatment consists of interacting with a video while the software receives information about your brain function. When your brain frequencies are in proper balance, the video and a musical tone plays. This positive reinforcement trains your brain to recognize a new, more correct pattern. Over time, through neuroplasticity, or your brain’s ability to learn something new, the more organized and accurate pattern becomes more permanent to proactively change your health and improve your symptoms.