NuCalm is patented neuroscience technology designed to naturally relax your mind and body within minutes, without drugs. NuCalm uses biochemistry, physics, and neurophysiology to rapidly and reliably create deep relaxation so you can feel better, perform better, and live better. NuCalm is comprised of four key components that work in synergy.

1. We rub a neurotransmitter called GABA on to your neck.

2. We use microcurrent to stimulate the Vagus nerve. The combination of the supplementation and the microcurrent works on the midbrain to interrupt the body’s natural stress response.

3. Then you lie back in a zero gravity chair and listen to neuroacoustic music to oscillate brain wave function into a deep relaxation and recovery.

4. You put a Light-blocking eye masks help eliminate visual stimuli and maintain a deep state of relaxation.

The combination of these four components provides a fully immersive experience, erasing stress and anxiety to achieve a deep level of calm. The biggest research in NuCalm has been in restoring the sleep cycle. NuCalm can be used anytime of the day and though you will feel very relaxed you are completely able to work, drive and continue on with your day in your normal way.

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