Why Get Checked?

You get a dental check-up for your teeth, a physical exam for your body, you check your blood pressure, your eyes, and yet, you don’t get a regular brain check-up.  

Why has this not become a standard health practice like getting your teeth cleaned? Perhaps it’s because no-one has created a non-invasive way to evaluate brain function…until now.  Since 2012, we have been focused on understanding what a health check-up for the brain looks like. Our practitioners have researched the top scientists, read countless books, travelled to different parts of the world to learn from the experts in the fields of brain health, and purchased the latest and greatest technologies. We have had thousands of patients go through our 3-part exam and this has allowed to collect hundreds of thousands of data points. We are ready to check you.

Your brain controls your whole body and is involved in every thought and action you have.  Symptoms of a brain that is out of balance are numerous and usually treated with medication. The most common reasons individuals are drawn to our assessments are concerns with mental health, concussions, insomnia, digestive problems, and chronic pain.  Although symptoms are what brings most people to see us, we also deliver excellent results for those looking for a mental edge, more energy, and more brain reserve.

Brain reserve is your ability to protect your future self from disease or stress. It can take years for low-level stressors to lead to disease and the difference between those that suffer and those who do not is brain reserve.  Healing and enhancing the brain through an integrative approach is what we proudly offer at Vita Brain + Body.

Why Brain Health?